Permanent Projects

Association Professor Balthazar has been organizing the most important science popularization event in Croatia – Science picnic – since 2011. Science Picnic is the platform for NGOs, individuals, scientific institutions and schools where they can show their science popularization projects and activities, projects from STEM area, robotics, 3D printing, Internet of Things, smart technologies and any other technology brought by the 4th industrial revolution. This 2-day event gathers each year hundreds of educators who present approximately one hundred activities in the beautiful park of the Museum of the Peasants Revolt in Gornja Stubica
The association is the (co)organizer of several smaller events and/or participates in some of them: mini-format of Science Picnic in Tower Center in Rijeka as well as on Gradina in Rijeka, Science in the Neighbourhood (Zagreb and Bjelovar), Garešnica Infinity Festival in Garešnica, Festival of Art&Science in Novska, STEAM Week, Open Days of the Institute Ruđer Bošković, as well as numerous workshops throughout Croatia in schools and on local events, with an accent on art&science, always bearing in mind the aim of contributing to the evolution of STEM policies to STEAM policies. STEM competencies alone are not enough for the development of a complete and empathic human being, maybe a future scientist; it is crucial to develop other competencies as well, and to master other tools which contribute to a successful and positive role in the society – here arts and humanities add other important dimensions to the members of the society. This area is of particular interest to the association.
The motivation for organizing Science Picnic for so many years has been the idea and the intention of mobilizing the relevant stakeholders in Croatia which could lead into the project of creation and opening of the Science Edutainment Center – ZEZ. After many years of work and negotiations, the first goal has been achieved and the right partners were found in the Krapina-Zagorje County, City of Donja Stubica and Zagorje Development Agency. This consortium has started the process of revitalization and repurposing of the castle Stubički Golubovec in Donja Stubica into the science centre(