Goals, values, mission and vision

Association Professor Balthazar was founded in 2010 with the goal of preserving Professor Balthazar’s character as authentic Croatian national heritage, as well as the all-time values which were taught by the Professor through the unique work of art in the format of 38 cartoon episodes. Many generations have been learning from the cartoons about innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, non-violent problem solving, ecology, science popularization etc. These values have defined the decision of the association to perform its basic activities in the area of the extra-institutional education.

The association’s vision is to live in the world promoted by Professor Balthazar, in the world of conscious and educated individuals who solve their conflicts in a tolerant and non-violent way, and who are always ready to help each other. The society that we would like to live in is based on the sustainable development and environmental protection, and where new technologies are used in a responsible way.
The association’s mission derived from all of the above is promotion of knowledge and innovation, as well as socially responsible way of doing business.

The values that are important to us are knowledge, innovativity, creativity, entrepreneurship, tolerance and cooperation, with the accent on development of STEAM in local communities in cooperation with local institutions, associations and business sector. If is our firm opinion that only cross-sectoral cooperation on all levels can contribute to the prosperity and progress of the society as a whole.